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Handmade Graphic Design

"One cannot not communicate" (Paul Watzlawick). When Paul’s right, he’s right! This is why we utilize all available communication platforms to optimize your message and bring it to the world! We offer optimized communication in all formats: live, print, and digital.

Our graphics department will give your message a perfect look. We advise and design, on screen, in print, and on paper. An individualized and unique design is just as important as a clear, detailed, and memorable message, which is why we take care of this too.

Film and Video Production

Sometimes a film can say more than a thousand posters. We use film and animation to present, motivate, and get people excited about you. Video teams are available for your entire event to record all the memorable moments. And we don't just point a camera and hand you a tape, our team handles the entire production from shooting, to rough cuts, and the final product.

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Innovative Presentations

We use innovative technologies to ensure your event has the WOW effect. No tired, run-of-the-mill presentations guaranteed!

Make your event a memorable experience! Expand your horizons in the virtual world and embark on new forms of perception. With virtual reality technology you can fly through far away worlds, have front row seats to amazing concerts, and explore fascinating new places. Graphic recording visualizes your live presentations, and simulation technologies are the key to a new world. We turn your presentation into a one of a kind experience!

  • Augmented Reality
  • Graphic Recording
  • Interactive Voting
  • Video Mapping

Web Development from A to Z

You need a digital figurehead? No problem! We configure, program, host, design, optimize, script, manage content, and make your ideas a reality from brainstorming to the finished website or application.

We tailor individual solutions to meet your needs. Our strength lies in the professional implementation of sophisticated specifications, be it search engine optimization (SEO), content management, software development of web applications and web services, or web hosting. We also develop interactive apps (Android) for your event such as quizzes, digital puzzles, and login interfaces.

  • Creation of customized web applications
  • Programming of personalized websites
  • Web design according to the latest standards from the paper prototype to the finished website

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